Nursery rhymes with lyrics and music.


Lullabies and Bedtime Nursery Rhymes

Children love when their parents sing lullabies for them - regardless of your singing voice. It will anyway make them feel safe and relaxed! So you have no excuses - enjoy singing lullabies for your kids!

Are your baby awake? See here for perfect nursery rhymes for babies!

Did you know... that lullabies can be found in every human culture?

Recommended Lullabies For Kids:

All That Pretty Horses Beautiful lullaby that is recommended by
Baa Baa Black Sheep This lovely nursery rhyme can very well be used as a lullaby, if you sing it gently.
Brahms Lullaby This beautiful lullaby is a true classic!
Bye Baby Bunting Popular lullaby. Bye Baby Bunting has been used as a lullaby for generations.
Cheeks of Rose Cheeks of Rose, Tiny Toes (also called Our Baby). Cute nursery rhyme and lullaby
Cradle Song Lullaby published in 1603 that is used in The Beatles' song Golden Slumbers.
Early to Bed This is not actually a lullaby, but a rhyme about going early to bed.
Hush, Little Baby A beautiful lullaby that makes the child (and you) sleepy in no time...
Rock-a-bye Baby Popular lullaby that is over 240 years old!
Sleep, Baby, Sleep Beautiful, traditional lullaby that is sung in different versions. We give you the most common versions - enjoy!
To Bed, To Bed Old nursery rhyme written in Great Britain. This rhyme is perfect singing while preparing for bed, but it can also be used as a lullaby.
Ten in a Bed This is not a classic lullaby, but it can be used as one if you sing it gently.
Ten Little Fingers Popular rhyme about the body. It can also be used as a lullaby.
The Skye Boat A beautiful Scottish folk song that is used as a lullaby all over the world.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star A beautiful lullaby that is highly recommended by
Wee Willie Winkie Why not sing the cute nursery rhyme about Willie Winkie before sleep?