Nursery rhymes with lyrics and music.

Singing Games

Singing games - nursery rhymes for singing games.

Singing is fun, playing games is also fun. So what about singing games? No suprise - it is GREAT fun.

But wich nursery rhymes can be used for singing games? And how to play these singing games? Let us help you...

Below you will find a list with nursery rhymes that can be used for singing games. Click the links, and you will find both lyrics and singing game instructions!

Have fun playing singing games!

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Recommended Nursery Rhymes for Singing Games:

Did You Ever See a Lassie? Nursery rhyme from 1909 that is aslo used as a "circle singing game".
London Bridge is Falling Down Very popular nursery rhyme and singing game.
Marching Game Fun song and marching game!
Mulberry Bush Here We Go Around The Mulberry Bush... A popular nursery rhyme.
Ring A Ring O'Roses This is still a very popular "singing game".
The Farmer In The Dell Very popular singing game.
Wind The Bobbin Up Popular rhyme with a dance.