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Apple Pie ABC

Nursery Rhyme Apple Pie ABC with Lyrics and Music

Apple Pie ABC - Nursery rhyme - Music, tune and lyrics

"Apple Pie ABC" is probably the oldest alphabet rhyme out there. It has been sung for generations, but it is still popular.

Apple Pie ABC is a quite long rhyme, so you will probably need the lyrics every time you sing it. It can be found below...

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Apple Pie ABC - Lyrics
Says A,
give me a good large slice!
Says B,
a little bit, but nice.
Says C,
cut me a piece of crust.
Take it, says D,
it's dry as dust!
Says E, I'll eat it fast,
I will, Says F,
I vow I'll have my fill!
Says G,
give it me good and great.
Says H,
a little bit I hate.
Says I,
it's ice I must request.
Says J,
the juice I love the best.
Says K,
let's keep it up above.
Says L,
the border's what I love.
Says M,
it makes your teeth to chatter.
N said, it's nice,
there's nought the matter.
O others' plates with grief surveyed.
P for a large piece begged and prayed.
Q quarrelled for the topmost slice.
R rubbed his hands and said “it's nice".
S silent sat,
and simply looked.
T thought,
and said, it's nicely cooked!
U understood the fruit was cherry.
V vanished when they all got merry.
W wished there'd been a quince in.
X here explained,
he'd need convincing.
Y said, I'll eat,
and yield to none.
Z, like a zany,
said he'd done.
While ampersand purloined the dish,
And for another pie did wish.

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