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Nursery Rhymes about Winter & Snow

Nursery rhymes about winter and snow

Are you one of those people who hate snow? Remember that your kids LOOOOVE snow – it's true!

So don't get frustrated next time it is snowing. Bring your kids outside in the snow and play with them – while you sing nursery rhymes about winter and snow. They will simply love it! (and we guess you will too....) :)

There are not many traditional nursery rhymes about winter and snow, but here are some:

Nursery Rhymes about Winter and Snow:

Cold and raw, the north... ...wind doth blow. Classic winter rhyme. Use it while playing out the cold weather.
Five Little Snowmen Snowmen! They are simply fantastic! Go on build one – or five! :)
I'm a little snowman The perfect nursery rhyme to sing while making a snowman. Enjoy it – it is sooo fun!