Nursery rhymes with lyrics and music.

Tongue Twisters

Nursery rhymes about the body!

Tongue twisters are great fun! And they are also represent very good language training. Some tongue twisters are ment to be sung, and some tongue twisters are spoken word games. Below, you can find both types.

And remember that tongue twisters are not just for kids. They can also be a challenge for parents, grandpartens and other grown-ups. And they are great to do as a car activity.

Have you tried the world's hardest tongue twister? In 2013, a psychologist at an Acoustical Society of America conference claimed this to short phrase to be the hardest tongue twister out there:

Pad kid poured curd pulled cold

Agree? Compare it with the tongue twisters listed below...

Recommended Tongue Twisters:

A Skunk Sat On a Stump Short but fun tongue twister about a skunk who sat on a stump.
All I Want Is a Proper Cup Of Coffee Quite long tongue twister. Medium difficulty.
Are You Copper-bottoming them, my man? Short but quite challenging tongue twister. Medium difficulty.
Betty Botter The classic tongue twister! Betty botter (or Bitty Batter) is used in many schools and preschools/kindergartens.
Fresh Fried Fish Very short tongue twister. Easy difficulty. Great for tongue twister rookies! :)
I Need Not Your Needles Fun tongue twister! Medium difficulty.
If One Doctor Doctors Another Doctor Fun and very challenging tongue twister. Hard difficulty level!
Pad Kid Poured Curd Pulled Cold Known as World's HARDEST tongue twister(!) Are you ready for a challenge?
Peter Piper Fun tongue twister from 1813. Still popular in both UK and US.
She Is a Thistle Sifter Ready for a challenge? Popular tongue twister with medium/hard difficulty level.
She Sells Seashells This tongue twister looks quite easy "on the paper". But try to say it!!! Medium/hard difficulty level.
Unique New York Very short, but not too easy... Easy/medium difficulty level.
Whether The Weather Quite easy tongue twister, but still fun.