Nursery rhymes with lyrics and music.

Learning Nursery Rhymes

Learning Nursery Rhymes

Singing nursery rhymes is great fun. But it can also be educational. Why not try to do some learning while singing?

What would you like to learn about today?

Counting Nursery Rhymes. Rhymes about numbers. Here you will find nursery rhymes about the letters in the alphabet. Singing these songs is a great way to teach the letters in a fun way. Good luck!
Alphabet nursery rhymes. Rhymes about letters. Teaching counting can be difficult. But teaching it by singing nursery rhymes is a fun and effective method. So what are you waiting for? :) Good luck!

Other Learning Nursery Rhymes

Days of the Week This song is great for learning kids the days of the week.
Hand Washing Song Teach good habits with Happy Hand Washing Song.
Monday`s Child Popular rhyme about the days of the week.